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Impactivation - A cultural and ethical balance between nature, mankind and capital

Sustainability is at the core of all multilateral environmental agreements (UNFCCC, UNCCB, UNCCD). The word became a token for environmentally adapted development in response to the Brundtland Report from 1987 and became popular after the Rio World Conference on Sustainable Development in 1992. Since then, no company report and hardly any international document fail to mention the term.


However, the activities taken do not match the urgency, given the speed of global change, and many of them do not appear to be sustainable at all.

Today’s understanding of “sustainability” is limited due to a misguided translation in the late 1980’s of the original German word “Nachhaltigkeit”, coined in 1713. Nowadays, most everything is called "sustainable", missing the original meaning of inter-generational equity in its three pillars of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The SIE Academy is interpreting sustainability in a way it regains its original value. We teach pragmatic ways in which to realize sustainability in politics and economics.


Certified SIE Corporate Advisors will support political and public organizations and add real value to every project development. Working on a unique solid framework of specialized technical skills in combination with their broader knowledge in sustainable development will support the assessment of failed projects and the development of new, more adapted ones.


The SIE Impact Academy students will have direct access to experienced and skilled tutors with their modern way of thinking and innovative solutions and their international and professional network that supports our academy’s values. We intend to invite students into this network and develop various support groups for special interests. SIE Impact Advisors are trained to become part of the solution.

Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset

that has created them.


Albert Einstein

The SIE Impact Academy is developed on a modern platform using ethical and cultural values as a solid base framework to build a impactivation strategy covering economics and finance in their social, ecological, biodiversity and environmental impacts.


The SIE Impact Academy takes a constructive approach on development, acknowledging the fact that all techniques and technologies to encounter todays environmental and scarcity problems are already at hand. It is only the speed of their implementation that determines the adaptation toll humanity will have to pay. At the same time, this new thinking opens up new investment horizons widely ignored by linear economics.

Social wellbeing and happiness as criteria demand for value-based parameters.


The SIE Academy is a social enterprise directly and indirectly supporting to children living in rural poverty today. They are the ones to take over responsibility for the live support systems all over our planet.

Academy of Corporate Innovation, Impact Economics & Eco-Social Development

A Profession of oportunities


You are now entering a new professional opportunity. As a SIE Certified Corporate Advisor the market is waiting for YOU; you have no direct competitors to your level of skills and knowledge combined. You are obtaining skills in Impact Economics, Impact and Responsible Investment, the new Blue Economy paradigm, and the Circling Impact Economics.


Avoiding fluctuations in market economics, lowering financial and operational costs, increasing logic and dynamic productivity, channeling professional parties, introducing Impact Finance and Impact Economics based products and services with Triple Risk Metrics and a value-based project assessment.

Introduction to Impactivation


The SIE Impact Academy introduces a holistically academic discipline in genuine Impactivationy and Impact Economics. The students in all of our courses will be exploring how today’s human societies and humanity itself can endure in the face of current global changes in the ecosystem, given the threats of degradation and resource scarcity.


About the Course


Our course focuses on key knowledge and technical skills within the Impactivation Standard, Impact Economics and Impact Strategies within corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, consultancies and business development organizations, schools and educational organizations, agriculture and land management, agro-forestry, forestry and eco-engineering, industrial production and maintenance corporations, banking, finance and corporate management organisations. There are a larger potentials and non-exploited opportunities in all of these entities, based on skills and knowledge in Impactivation and Impact Economics a Certified Corporate Advisor with exam from SIE Impact Academy are capable of finding areas of economics, humanity and environmental improvement.


The SIE Impact Academy follows holistic principles of humanity, prosperous economy and environmental involvement in a variation of opportunities presented during the course. The Academy will also help to find work opportunities during practicing periods of three to six months for students upgrading their professional level and support in corporate establishment.

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